I am a PhD candidate in Economics at the LSE and affiliated with the Economic Organisation and Public Policy Programme  at STICERD. My research focuses on the selection, recruitment and allocation of talent in private and public sector organizations.

Fields: Development, Labour, Economic History

Contact information: 
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +44 7425782893
Mailing: STICERD
London School of Economics
WC2A 2AE, London, UK

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Job Market Paper 2016
Patronage and the Performance of Bureaucrats: Evidence from the British Empire [+]
Covered on IGC Blog

Rewarding Schooling Success and Perceived Returns to Education: Evidence from India [+] - with Sandra Sequeira and Johannes Spinnewijn - Forthcoming Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Work in progress
The Costs of Bureaucratic Rigidity: Evidence from the Indian Administrative Service [+] - with Marianne Bertrand, Robin Burgess and Arunish Chawla - Submitted

How Does Collective Reputation Affect Hiring? Selection and Sorting in an Online Labour Market [+]
- STICERD EOPP Discussion Paper Series 54 - Submitted

Confidence Men? Gender and Confidence: Evidence among Top Economists [+] - with Heather Sarsons - Submitted - Covered on LSE Impact Blog, Politics and Policy, and USAPP

Publications (Pre-PhD) [+]

Misc and policy papers [+]